Platform Overview

Introduction is a frictionless multi-chain defi aggregator that gives you access to all the best decentralised finance (DeFi) opportunities in one place securely and safely. Most importantly, it is self-custodial meaning you are always in control of your funds.

Once you have connected your wallet to and deposited your tokens you can:

  • Bridge tokens seamlessly between all major L2s and non-evm chains

  • Buy & sell tokens with ease across multiple different blockchains via Swaps, without having to worry about gas-tokens or different wallets;

  • Invest gas free in interest-earning opportunities from across DeFi

  • Trade major tokens for the best prices using's aggregated order book liquidity

  • Track your tokens portfolio across different blockchains, all in one place

  • Explore different blockchains with instant deposits & withdrawals between, Polygon, Arbitrum,Ethereum mainnet, zkSync and other rollups;

  • Transfer your tokens to other registered addresses within the platform instantly.

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