Architecture Overview

The below diagram outlines the high-level architecture backing

  • The “Core” is StarkEx self-custodial Layer 2 rollup. Other self-custodial smart contracts are situated on other chains to facilitate cross-chain bridging and swapping - “Outposts”.

  • When users undertake transactions the operator ( batches these transactions together and sends to StarkEx for 1) Validation 2) Posting on Chain.

  • StarkEx uses a Data Availability Committee to verify transactions privately.

  • When users undertake transactions on other Chains, utilises liquidity outposts on these other chains (with’s own fund) to initiate the transaction in the first instance with the user, and via smart contracts (under the user’s address) completed the transactions to deploy the user’s funds on the desired chain. This system allows the transaction to be completed quickly and seamlessly.

The elements outlined in the above architectural overview graphic are explained in more detail in the following sections.

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