The platform

The Rhino.fi app is build on top of a set of APIs and uses an internally developed public library called client-js. Anyone can use the library or APIs to interact directly with the functionality provided by Rhino.fi.
Examples of applications that have been built using our open APIs and libraries are:
  • Market making bots
  • Arbitrage and algorithmic trading bots
  • Market data integrations providing data to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

API and blockchain interactions

The API cannot be used entirely standalone, as interaction is also required with Ethereum and potentially other blockchains to fully interface to the platform.

Development environments

If you'd like to build an integration please contact us for details of how to access our test environment.

Public vs Private APIs

Rhino.fi uses two of types of endpoints: publicly documented and undocumented (or private) APIs.
Publicly documented APIs are those that are provided in this documentation. These APIs are stable and are both used by officially developed Rhino.fi components as well provided for use by third-party developers.
In addition Rhino.fi makes use of some private and not publicly documented API endpoints that are not intended for third-party use. Such undocumented functionality may change or be withdrawn without warning and developers are strongly encouraged not to rely on this functionality.